v tha Supreme - 0ffline (Lyric Video) ft. bbno$

tha Supreme - 0ffline (Lyric Video) ft. bbno$


tha Supreme – 0ffline: http://thasupreme.lnk.to/0ffline


- tha Supreme –

I should
really unplug my mind and go offline
tell me why it’s always you who don’t belong to my crew
with your know-it-all face but then you don’t know a fuck bro
I should
tell these people that they don’t listen bro light this blunt
I get colic bro no prob it’s okay
you’re worth nothing so when there’s someone worthy you can’t tell

I’ll get you roses and you’ll let them wither if it’s not easier said than done
and you’ll give two three cents’ worth of justification for the thorns
but not for love no not for your heart your so-called heart of ice
if I think about what words to say to express myself I don’t and I’m like a storyteller
so I would put an end to this end that keeps us close to its heart
but I don’t know if I should say yes or no or dunno

but if you go to youtube
he talks about me and
if I talk about anxiety in blunt
it doesn’t mean I’m feeling bad and

and there are so many things I’ve never told you professor I ditched school but I’m into the new school now
I’ve worn out my soles for nuns who work as escorts
I turn my pain into C D E and F but it hurts all the same

- bbno$ -

I get it I know you love to hate me
I’m moving on on on
I get it
I know you'd like to date me
But you're wrong wrong wrong
I left her for the money
(fair enough)
Sorry bitch didn't really really care enough
I’m sorry girl ya number's blocked
Stop stop stop, girl you got dropped.
You didn't believe me – nope
You didn’t trust me – nope
Well I can guarantee it you gunna put my music on (hahaha)
I had some patience
I found a cadence
I thought I’d never say it
Thank you all who did me wrong
Well I'll be honest I ain’t that sympathetic
Got a problem about giving a shit, I’m apathetic
I’m eliter than the rest, and I know! I’m hypothetic
We got no problem
Making a couple big hits
I wouldn’t sweat it – hahaha
Baby no money


Product by Movimenti Production

Erika De Nicola

Art Director
Davide Rosio, Giorgio Scorza

Alessia Di Carlo

Line producer
Davide Biscuola
Character Design
Vittorio Ascolani
Emanuele Motti

Background Color
Serena Ferrone

Compositing & Post Production
Carlo Odorici

Doghead Animation

Massimo Montigiani

Animation supervisor
Alessio Giurintano

Animation Coordinator
Simona Calà


Leonardo Altieri
Francesco Corrado

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