v Oasis - Stand By Me (Official Video)

Oasis - Stand By Me (Official Video)

Oasis' - 'Stand By Me' (Official Video)
Taken From Album: 'Be Here Now'
Directed by: David Mould

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Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday
I`ve got a lot of things to learn
Said I would and I believe in one day
Before my heart starts to burn.

So what`s the matter with you?
Sing me something new ... Don`t you know
The cold and wind and rain don`t know
They only seem to come and go, away

Times are hard when things have got no meaning
I`ve found a key upon the floor
Maybe you and I will not believe in the things we find behind the door

Stand By Me -- Nobody knows the way it`s gonna be
Stand By Me -- Nobody knows the way it`s gonna be
Stand By Me -- Nobody knows the way it`s gonna be

If you`re leaving will you take me with you
I`m tired of talking on my phone
But there is one thing I can never give you
My heart will never be your home
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