MOD SUN - "Flames" (Feat. Avril Lavigne) - OFFICIAL AUDIO


I still burn for you,
Like the sun burns in the sky.
I still burn for you.
I still burn for you,
My whole life I’ve been on fire.
I still burn for you.
Up in flames, up in flames,
light a match and put it to my name.
Up in flames, I still burn for you....

Every time I think I had enough of this,
I get more addicted yeah I’m so obsessed.
Talk about you all the time, I am you narcissist.
Well, if we burn it down you’ll be my arsonist.

I’m so strung out on you I might relapse....
I’m dying for a taste, please god don’t let this last.
And you’ve been burning all of the leaves on palm trees, I’m left with nothing more than ashes....
Falling to the ground like snowflakes, I almost wish we never happened....

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