Duran Duran - INVISIBLE (Official Music Video)


Duran Duran - "INVISIBLE"

Invisible invisible invisible invisible

Shy one walking by the wall
Shy one shadows will not fall
Shy one is silently ignored

Quiet one discouraged by the noise
Quiet one living without choice
Quiet one is a life without a voice

When you can't even say my name
Has the memory gone?
Are you feeling numb?
Go on, call my name
I can't play this game
So I ask again
Will you say my name?
Has the memory gone?
Are you feeling numb?
Or have I become invisible?

Sky light that dreamers wish away
Hindsight is falling on my face
Highlights the shape of my disgrace

When you don't hear a word I say
As the talking goes
It's a one way flow
No fault, no blame
Has the memory gone?
Are you feeling numb?
And have I become invisible?

Invisible invisible invisible invisible

& no one hears a word they say
has the memory gone?
are you feeling numb?
not a word they say
but a voiceless crowd
isn't backing down
when the air turns red
with their loaded hesitation
Can you say my name?

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