Campus Romance Movie 2020 | My Girlfriends is a Mermaid, Eng Sub | Love Story film, Full Movie 1080P


Synopsis: 2020 New Campus Romance Movie "My Girlfriends is a Mermaid" is about a school love story. Sunny is a naughty mermaid who comes to the earth from far ocean, but she lost an important magical scale. By coincidence, it was picked up by Wen Zhengxi, A school prince. Then Sunny and Wen Zhengxi fell into love...

Studio: Internet Film Group IFG
Producer: Lin Jinyun
Director: Ye Ming, Lin Yunxiang
Writer: Zhou Dan, Li Yun
Starring: Wen Zhuo, Zou Yang, Tian Xiaotian, Cao Xiyue, Hai Ning, Cheng Xu
Genres: Fantasy, Younth, #Campus, Romance #LoveStory

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