Boslen - TRIP (Official Video)


What a time what a day ride around town with a life that I made
Top down coupe by the block that I came
Same clique here reppin’ C on the chain
She gave top on her knees, call her bae
Fifty pulled up with the cups and the cake
Count a few bucks when the money inflates
I ain’t in a rush ‘cause we did it my way
But there’s money right here
So you better not trip (Oh-oh yea)
Shawty don’t trip, shawty don’t trip, check
Shawty don’t, uh, hey
Shawty don’t trip, shawty don’t trip,
Shawty don’t, trip
Slow down where did this year go
I don’t know, pour up some miracles
Take it slow
Cold made her lose control
No she don’t roll with the typical
Booty so big like a bus off the lot
Groupies in the cut telling us ‘bout their job
Beauty in the rut till you get to the top
Man the circle got smaller and it ain’t my fault
Lets not go fast, shawty brought her friend with the lip gloss damn near dripping
She got that a**
Bad b***h clique swear to god she catching feelings
Give me a call come and fuck with me
Im off the drugs shawty you can see
Call up the plug we’ll be rolling deep
She say I’m up are you down for me?
Shawty don’t trip, (Oh-oh-yea)
Shawty don’t trip, (Yea)
Shawty don’t trip (Check)
Shawty don’t, uh, hey
Shawty don’t trip, shawty don’t trip,
(I’m off the drugs)
Shawty don’t (hey)
Shawty don’t trip
Fuck your pleasure
Catch the picture quicker
All these motherfuckers can’t stop us (Ooh)
Fuck the stripper
Suck the dick in leather nappy headed n***as can’t watch that
I fuck with n***as with the bigger picture
Bigger b***hes give me bigger wishes
Trigger finger got me digging ditches
Don’t be with the snitches ‘cause we pop them too
I’m running and gunning around
Shawty be tripping I cut up the sound Loaded up
I be hunting these n***as like hounds
Mob on my back we’ll go pound for a pound
Muddy n***as from valleys we flooded the town
I’m ducking the bullets I’m ducking the clowns
You live life to the fullest till you’re not around
Man fuck all the tourists this city my sound

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Music video by Boslen performing TRIP. Chaos Club; © 2021 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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